For practical and creative solutions. With our skilled design and construction team we are able to accommodate commercial projects both large and small. We endeavour to understand the needs and value of your commercial property or project and will consult with you to achieve the best results.

Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket


New Zealand Garden Golf

The client brief for this commercial venture in Rotorua was to design and construct a New Zealand landscape with distinct water features.

This we achieved by relocating a dead Rata tree with its ornate form of roots and trunk.It was seperated into three parts, transported and reassembled onsite. It also included a mature Griselinia tree.

Local volcanic rock from the Mount Tarawera eruption complete with lichen gives the landscape an aged effect.
Live interaction with “on course” rabbits and doves brings the life to an overall memorable environment.
The rest speaks for itself.


Practical & Creative Solutions

With Peter Fry Landscapes skilled design and construction teams, they are able to accommodate commercial projects both large and small. During the consultation process  the design team will work with the understanding of the needs and values  of your commercial property or residential property  to achieve the best results. Peter Fry Landscapes is able undertake  conceptual designs,  detail construction and planting plans as well as resource and building consent applications.

Peter Fry Landscapes welcome your enquiry for new projects, commercial revamps or makeovers as well as landscape maintenance. Projects undertaken have included Hotels, Community Spaces, Retirement Villages, Tourism Ventures and Skate Parks.

Peter Fry Landscapes considers an integrated Conceptual Landscape Design as an integral asset that will add value to a property for enjoyment, practical purposes as well as capital gain. No two plans are the same as every property, their owners and purpose are considered unique.

The Concept Plan enables clients to further visualise their landscape, explore options and creativity, develop thoughts and have it all in a CAD format where changes can be easily made. Recommendations will also be shown amongst others with planting suggestions, construction materials, lighting and irrigation.

A recent project in Mairangi Bay, Auckland, was given the brief of ‘bringing Fiji’ to the property. The interest and challenge was the movement and placement of 40 tonne of boulders. In the middle of winter and limited space this was not for the faint hearted. The boulders were incorporated as a dual effect in being used for creative retaining as well as adding strength and contrast in the garden. The major success of this landscape is the clean and fresh presence of in-situ concrete that incorporates white cement and limestone. The balance between practical space and tropical paradise has been wonderfully received by the client.

Another project is the New Zealand Mini Golf Course in Rotorua. This commercial enterprise has been well reviewed in Rotorua for its landscape, intimacy and wild life integration of rabbits and doves. The initial brief was the inclusion of multiple water features and large rock boulders which create the space and environment of discovery.

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