The Concept Plan is a critical factor in achieving the best possible result for your landscape. Your plan is typically developed following your free design consultation and agreement to engage our services.

We consider a designed landscape as an asset that adds value to your property for enjoyment as well as capital gain. No two plans are the same as every property and their owners are unique.

The Concept Plan enables you to further visualise your landscape, explore options, develop your thoughts and have it all in a format where changes can be made. Recommendations will also be made with planting suggestions, construction materials,lighting and irrigation.

Having a complete overall concept is important for the finished result with the option of completing in stages.
This plan allows for quantifying the project and for the completion of the estimation process.
Here the budgets are further considered. If you do have a defined budget this is important for us to know early in the design process.

In some cases a landscape concept may require further development including detailed plans for local council consent.
We can also provide detailed planting plans upon request.

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